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There is just so many things to love and one of the things are the art of browsing, shopping looking for the must haves the should haves and that feeling of accomplishment when you just know you found that item that you just can’t live without.

I just want to share this thought ..............

Paulo Coelho said it so nicely in Like the Flowing River….
Life is like a great bicycle race, whose aim is to fulfil our personal legend…. We all set off together, sharing friendship and enthusiasm, but as the race progresses, that initial happiness gives way to the real challenges, tiredness, boredom, doubts about our abilities. We notice that a few friends have, in their hearts, already given up. They are still cycling, but only because they cannot stop in the middle of the road. There are more and more of them, pedalling along beside the support vehicle - also known as routine - talking amongst themselves, fufilling their obligations, but oblivious to the beauties and challenges of the road. We eventually leave them behind us, and then we come face to face with loneliness, with unfamiliar bends in the road, and mechanical problems with our bicycle. At a certain stage, after suffering a few falls with no one near at hand to help, we begin to ask ourselves if it’s really worth all the effort.

Yes, it is. It’s just a question of not giving up. In order to overcome these obstacles we need four invisible forces, love, death, power and time. We must love because we ourselves are loved by God. We must have an awareness of death in order to fully understand life. We must struggle in order to grow, but without allowing ourselves to be deceived by the power that is gained through that struggle, because we know that such power is worthless. Finally, we must accept that our soul - even though it is eternal - is at this moment caught in the web of time, with all its opportunities and limitations. 

Therefore, on our solitary bicycle race, we must behave as if time existed and do everything we can to value each second, to rest when necessary, but to keep cycling towards the divine light, and not be put off by any moments of anxiety. We must accept these forces and let them teach us what we need to learn. As we pedal towards our goal, we must make a point of asking ourselves :”What is beautiful about today?”

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