Monday, September 27, 2010

Heritage Day

It was Heritage Day in South Africa. We took the kids for a drive. It’s amazing to think that there is only a ten minute drive between where we live and nature. It’s like driving through different time zones from us to the beach. We decided to take the kids to the beach yesterday for some fun. Wow, did they decide to have fun. Just have to tell myself not to think about the car, sand, sand the car and to let go. Again, the kids grow up so quickly so all these small little moments are banked down in the memory books. The middle one, with his face in the sand decided he wants to go into photography and that's what he wants to do. This is the child who never wanted to have his photograph taken ever, or wanted to even be in a picture ever. Now it's like I want to do this, let's try this and the funny is now I'm his permanent model.

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