Monday, February 9, 2009

For the Meat Lovers

Fillet - Served Cold
1 kg fillet
1 Sachet of brown onion soup powder
Black pepper
1 table spoon of olive oil

Crease whole fillet with olive oil, roll in soup powder and pepper
Seal fillet in pan (with oil)
Place fillet in oven pan with 100 ml water

Bake fillet on 180ยบ for 40 min (Meduim) and 50 min (well done)
Leave to cool down
Cut into thin slices (less than 1 cm)


5 ml Mustard Powder
10 ml sugar
3 Carlic cloves– crushed
Black pepper
200 ml oil
100 ml balsamic Vinegar

Marinade meat for up to 3 days
Serve cold

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