Saturday, January 24, 2009


This is such a stunning little village just to browse through or do some serious shopping. If you know the Biscuit Mill in Salt River, you would love Willowbridge. It has the most amazing little shops. One has such a variety of Coffee Shops and Restaurants to choose from. If you love Cafe Society you would love Willowbridge. It literally boggles the mind to choose one. This morning me and one of my girlfriends did the coffee thing. I had my must have Red Cuppacino. I'm so totally addicted.

For those people who have their mid-life crisis in their twenties, Harley-Davidson is right on the corner and you can pick one up for about R200000 a Harley I mean. For Ladies Fashion their is shops like Earthaddict, ES-T, LTD (my favourite off course), XOXO, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. I walked out with three shirts this morning from LTD. Did I mention we love shopping. For the guys there are Fabianis, Jakes and Marlboro to choose from.

Needless to say the best places to shop for household items are @homelivingspace, Kitchen Emporium, Osiers, Resonance, Waterford Wedgewood Royal Doulton Collections, Wetherlys and Bathroom Bizarre even Woolies has there Home section in Willowbridge.

This is definately a place to just relax and find some inspiration from.

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